A long coffee break they have

NH Sajjad

21 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

A long coffee 
break they have

Retirement is nothing but a long coffee break and a person who has such a break is like a bird out of cage [workplace]. When a bird is set free, it flies in the open sky, which becomes abuzz with its chirping.

Like birds, Prof Ahaduzzaman Mohammad Ali and Prof Akhtar Sultana of Dhaka University’s (DU) Mass Communication and Journalism Department (MCJ) will disseminate ethical, logical, non-communal, progressive and patriotic words worldwide to enlighten society, as they have retired from the department.

These were the words spoken time and again amid applause at a farewell ceremony for the duo at Teacher-Student-Centre (TSC) auditorium of DU.

Around 500 present and former students as well as teachers of MCJ discipline were present on the occasion with department head Prof Kaberi Gayen in the chair.    

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Kaberi Gayen expressed her gratitude to all concerned, who have arranged such a programme.

Retirement is not the end of life, but is the beginning of the highway, she said.

Wishing them long life, Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof Mohammad Samad said, “Hopefully, you will continue dissemination of your knowledge.”

In his speech, former information commissioner and teacher of MCJ department Prof Golam Rahman lauded Prof Ahaduzzaman saying he has proved himself through his talent and expertise.

Prof Akhtar Sultana said, “I have completed my duties, but the 35 years’ relationship with students won’t end.”

She also praised students for their various contributions to the country’s different sectors.

Prof Sultana concluded by urging teachers to stand by general students, as they come to an unfamiliar place [DU] away from their hometown for the sake of study.

In his speech, Prof Ahaduzzaman recalled some happiest moments spent with his beloved teachers.

“I cannot express how I feel today. I am very grateful to you (students). I have tried my best to motivate you to do positive things. I never considered myself to be a teacher. I was and am still a student. And so, I used to sit in Modhur Canteen instead of teachers’ lounge,” Prof Ahaduzzaman said.