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5 Tweaks That’ll Improve Core Workouts

19 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

5 Tweaks That’ll Improve Core Workouts

Core training is one of the integral parts of any good workout program. Without a strong core, the rest of your lifts will begin to suffer. Too many people hit the gym on a regular basis only to do the same old crunch after crunch after crunch. Sadly, this rarely gets them the results they’re looking for.

Wondering how you can take your progress further? Try any one of the following tweaks to see superior results.

Destabilize Your Body

As you go about your core training, as often as possible, focus on destabilizing the body. This means using an exercise ball, doing a movement on one leg, or using a bosu ball to throw your body slightly off balance.

When you aren’t stabilized, the muscles deep within your core will have to work harder.

Hit Your Core From All Angles

There’s one thing you must know about the core muscles and that is that they adapt very quickly. So if you are working your core using the same exercises each and every day, it won’t be long before you stop seeing results.

Slow And Steady Should Be Your Mantra

As you go about doing your core exercises, slow and steady should be your mantra. Avoid rushing through the movement pattern. The slower you move, the more tension you’ll be placing on your muscles throughout the movement pattern.

It’s All About The Breathing

Another tweak to make to your core workouts is to really focus on your breathing at all times. Breathe out as you contract the abs and in as you relax back down to the starting position.

Many people hold their breath while doing their ab workouts and this makes it very hard to generate the force necessary for maximum stretch improvement and definition.

Don’t Forget Your Spinal Erectors

Finally, one major tweak you’ll want to make to your entire core workout routine is adding in some back extensions. Too many people think that “core” just means abdominal work. While the abs are definitely an important part of the core, they are not all that matters.

So keep these tweaks in mind next time you’re about to hit the gym for a core workout. Are there any adjustments you could be making?

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