We need good hearts!

17 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

We will remember for a long time the young boy who desperately tried to prevent water leaking from the Firefighter hose pipe to help save lives at the FR Tower. His deeds separated him from others who were mere spectators of the live fire show! When hundreds were busy entertaining themselves with the horrific scenes of jumping to death, this boy Md Nayeem Islam was pained and did what he could to help the Firefighters. He was the hero of the day, a good heart among many in the crowd of heartless people.

 The reality is that not only at Banani or elsewhere, but literally everywhere a good man with a kind, sympathetic, responsible and benevolent heart is seldom found. This explains that sexual harassment, corruption and unwarranted activities of a section of teachers, higher officials, public representatives and political activists continue to make the lives of many people tough to survive. In this situation, the virtuous boy became the subject of the news because we all are in search of such kind hearted humans.

 The prime minister of Bhutan Lotay Tshering told the students of Mymensingh Medical College, his alma mater, to be good humans because this is the basis of becoming successful in the professional life of a doctor.  As we know, it is not possible to become a good doctor without the heart of understanding and service to humanity. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also reminded new medical graduates and on-duty doctors, especially those who remain absent from duty not to forget their pledge to humanity.

It is common knowledge that good men make a good society and a good society can significantly reduce the burden of social injustice, corruption and irregularities in society and can ensure a prosperous country.

 The government is striving to achieve a developed country status by 2041 and the message of the leader of Bhutan reflects the call of our supreme leader to help her in placing Bangladesh at par with the developed countries. Above all, it is very important for all irrespective of colour, creed and social status to do good deeds with a heart that has love and patriotism to make Bangladesh Bangabandhu’s Sonar Bangla.