Capturing light in the dark

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8 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Capturing light in the dark

Huawei’s most advanced series of smartphone cameras P30 series with super sensing Leica quad camera is about to unveil in Bangladeshi market.

The world’s first Leica Quad Camera system combines new sensors, lens setup, image signal processor (ISP), and NPU and custom image processing algorithms. They work seamlessly together to enable sophisticated professional camera features.

While last year's top-of-the-range P20 Pro offered a triple-lens Leica-branded rear camera system (40MP RGB, 20MP mono, 8MP telephoto), 2019's flagship P30 Pro goes even further with a 'quad camera' system featuring superb low-light performance, an ultra-wide-angle (UWA) lens, a 5x optical-zoom 'periscope' lens and a Time of Flight (ToF) depth-sensing camera.

With the title rewriting the rules of photography, The P30 Series featured world’s first Leica Quad camera system. The 40MP main camera with a Super Spectrum Sensor lets more light in so clear photographs and video content can be captured in the dark.

The 20 mega pixel ultra-wide angle Lens capture the big picture from the tallest buildings to the sweeping vistas. 8MP 5X Super Zoom Lens will ensure detail like never before.

ToF camera is designed to measure depth of field allowing multi-level Bokeh effects, producing portraits with beautifully blurred backgrounds and sharp subjects in the foreground. Besides, 32MP front camera for the perfect selfie.

When the light dims, captured photo will still shine. Super Night Mode incorporates groundbreaking technology to allow to capture previously dark shots and for the first time, video, with amazing clarity.

The P30 series feature the innovative Super Spectrum Sensor, an optical Super Zoom Lens, a new ToF camera, and enhanced optical and AI image stabilization technology. With these revolutionary technologies, the P30 and P30 Pro capture incredible photos and videos in every scenario.

The new Super Zoom Lens unlocks a superior level of zoom photography in a slim-line device design. Through a new periscope design, the super zoom lens supports high fidelity magnification of 5 times optical zoom, 10 times hybrid zoom and 50 times digital zoom.

A prism element in the telephoto camera bends light at a 90-degree angle to maximize focal length while minimizing camera height, without disrupting device design.