Rice production to hit all-time high

ANM Mohibub Uz Zaman

6 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Rice production to hit all-time high

The country is going to see a bumper rice production for the second consecutive fiscal year breaking all its previous records.

The production of rice will increase to 382 lakh tonnes in the fiscal year 2018-19, according to production report and Boro estimation.

Dr Md Abdul Muyeed, Field Service Wing Director of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), told the daily sun that the country achieved high yield of rice in Aush and Aman seasons and the departent is also expecting the same during Boro season.

Favourable weather condition, higher acreage and quality seeds shot the rice production up in the country, he said.

Abdul Muyeed belives the country will witness another surplus production of rice this fiscal year, if the current production trend continues.

Aush rice production in FY’19 increased by 7.7 percent from that in FY’18, which saw the production rise by 26.9 percent over that in the FY’17, according to the data available at Bangladesh Bureau of Statistic (BBS).

In FY’19, Aush production was 29.202 lakh (2.92 million) tonnes while it was 27.10 lakh tonnes in FY’18 and 21.34 lakh tonnes in FY’17, according to BBS.

Aman rice production in FY’19 increased by 9.6 percent over the previous fiscal year, which also saw a production increase by 2.47 percent from that in FY’17.

Bangladesh produced 1.53 crore (15.34 million) tonnes of aman paddy in FY’19 on 58.76 lakh hectares of land which is the highest since FY 2007-08, said a DAE        official.

The Aman production was 1.4 crore tonnes in FY’18 and 1.36 crore tonnes in FY’17.

The official said the country is going to achieve another surplus production as Boro cultivation is expected to increase.

The agriculture department set the target to produce 1.96 crore tonnes of Boro rice from 48.42 lakh hectors of land but acreage has increased to 49.34 lakh hectors of land in FY’19 -- 2 percent more than the target.   

The estimation of production is 4.5 tonnes per hector. So, if the adverse weather does not affect the production, the country may witness around 199 lakh metric tonnes of boro rice in FY’19.

Boro helps to achieve the higher production of rice in the country as its production reached 195.26 lakh metric tonnes in FY’18 and 180.14 lakh metric tonnes in FY’17.

The production of rice was 362 lakh metric tonnes in the fiscal year 2017-18 that is all time high since the independence, according to the data of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS).

The rice production was 337 lakh metric tonnes in FY’17, 346 lakh metric tonnes in FY’16, 347 lakh metric tonnes in FY’15, 343 lakh metric tonnes in FY’14, 338 lakh metric tonnes in FY’13 and 335 lakh metric tonnes in FY’2011.

Production of rice increased to 313 lakh metric tonnes in fiscal year 2008-2009 from the production of 289 lakh metric tonnes in FY’07-08. Since then the production has been increasing gradually each year and hit 347 lakh metric tonnes in FY’15 but declined two constructive years.

Rice production hit all time high in the country in the last fiscal year as farmers raised the amount of cultivable land to cash in on higher prices.