The Nose Ring

Al Mahmud
Translated by K Ahmed Alam

4 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

My mom’s golden nose ring was lost previously

I looked for it everywhere in Bangladesh- across the country.

I went to the river, asking, “Do you have the jewelry?”

“Don’t touch my body- it’s boal fish-covered fully,”

Said the weeping river Titas  at Horinber Turning

Where the white herons, are stretching and living.

Crossing the water and the flock, I went to the forest

In which the green parrots are   deeply dazzled.

 “Woods, would you return me the nose ring, brother?

I wanna go back home, with the jewelry of my mother.

Where will I get the lost wealth - your mom’s jewelry?

We’re all the birds and animals in woods - the very ordinary.

I adore my green hair with flowers, not wearing nose jewelry;

Beg your hands, if you want flower fragrance to carry.

Showing the food filled chest, the hill denies.

Thousands of deer turn their face through leaves.

Loosening her dark bun, the Night approaches.

I won’t return home without the jewelry, taking further steps.