Commuters suffer as road anarchy goes on | 2019-03-23 |

Commuters suffer as road anarchy goes on

Many buses kept off city streets amid drive

Md Esaraf Hossain

23 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

In the face of police action against road anarchy, many transport owners have kept their buses off city streets, intensifying sufferings of commuters.

Traffic police went on action against unfit and unlicensed vehicles and unqualified drivers to bring ‘discipline’ on the streets

City dwellers said anarchy was still persisting on roads despite a student outcry for safe roads.

In the latest incident, six people, including a college student, were killed as a bus rammed into a human hauler in Barishal on Friday.

Besides, a recklessly-driven bus of ‘Balaka Paribahan’ crashed into lawmaker Rashed Khan Menon’s vehicle in the capital in the morning.

Amid the police action, many buses have gone off city streets, causing a transport crisis.

While visiting some areas in the capital, the daily sun correspondent saw a large number of commuters waiting for buses.

Many buses plying city streets were seen jam-packed with passengers.

Many commuters were compelled to travel by auto-rickshaws paying much higher fare than buses usually charge them.

Traffic police under Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) now take a hard line on unfit and unlicensed vehicles to bring ‘traffic discipline’ on city streets.

As part of their move, traffic police launched a massive check for unfit and unauthorised vehicles.

Traffic constables and sergeants were seen stopping and checking motor vehicles, including buses and motorbikes, at different strategic points.

A DMP official said legal action was taken against 344 buses plying city streets on Thursday on charges of violating traffic rules.

Traffic police has taken the move after students again took to the streets in protest against a bus accident that killed fellow Abrar Ahmed in Nadda area on Tuesday.

After the accident, DMP Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia said the killer bus of Suprovat Paribahan faced legal actions 27 times and plied Pragati Sarani road for long without the official permission.

“The bus had permission to ply Dhaka-Brahmanbaria road. Then how did it run in Dhaka city? The second thing is that the bus faced legal actions 27 times …” he added.

Allegations are rife that despite having no fitness certificates and route permits, a large number of buses are running city streets by bribing a section of traffic sergeants.

A portion of the bribe goes to a section of police high-ups and some political leaders.

Asaduzzaman said the Police, Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) and other organisations have failed to bring discipline on roads.

“When an accident takes place in a safe zone, it is not possible to give answers … So time has come to bring discipline in transport sector,” he said.

Sirajul Islam, driver of the killer bus, was driving recklessly to flee after hitting another pedestrian in Shahjadpur area. Sirajul is now on a seven days’ remand.

The trouble calmed down after the authorities suspended operation of all buses belonging to Suprobhat and Jabal-e-Noor.