Remove barriers to women becoming leaders in society | 2019-03-03 |

Remove barriers to women becoming leaders in society

3 March, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Remove barriers to women becoming leaders in society

Gender inequality is widespread within Bangladesh as evidenced by gender aggregated development indicators and levels of violence against women. Though women have played significant progressive role in society over the last few decades, but still it can be referred in a general sense that men continue to run the world. This means that when it comes to making the decisions that most affects us all, women’s voices are not heard equally. It is believed that globally women’s empowerment issues would be better addressed when more women are present in the leadership positions. Nowadays, women are more appropriate as leaders in all respects, from CEO position to household. Women are running organisations better than the men, even in the household they are monitoring every household work as well as bringing their children up as better human beings for the future world. Women are matching their steps in every sphere of life with men, they are not lagging behind in any way. From past history it is proved that women also can lead in any kind of movement and war as they have done in Bangladesh’s Language Movement as well as in Liberation War. Women are the power of the society, not the barrier or any kind of burden. If they wish, they can conquer the world by overcoming all the barriers.


Lutfun Nahar Lina, Department of Business Administration, East West University