Ekushey Fashion For Everyday

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

18 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Ekushey Fashion For Everyday

Showcase love for our beloved mother language in an exquisite splendor of ethnic fashion. Why should we celebrate mother language for just one day? We speak in Bangla every day. The first word most of us learnt was the word ‘Ma’. No other country has such a glorious history of fighting and sacrificing life for the mother language. It is only proper that we not only cherish Bangla language everyday but also express our love for it. The best way to express anything is through fashion. It’s not just about looking good; it’s also about asserting your beliefs. It’s about taking pride in simple-yet-formidable things in life. On top of it all, it’s easy to look good in fashion themed with Bangla, a language known as the sweetest language of the world. Here are some groovy ideas to get you started. You can design your own outfit or purchase one from the local brands.


Sari With Words In Achol

This is a fashion that keeps coming back every Ekushey February. You are bound to find a sari in black or white with beautiful prints and Bangla alphabets. Whether the letters are arranged alphabetically or whether they are presented in an in-cohesive pattern; whether the letters are presented in design or the words themselves are presented as design, there is something breathtaking about these saris. All you need with this style is an elegant bun hairstyle, black kajol and nude lipstick.


T-Shirts With Witty Saying

We have seen how great T-shirts do around the world when they are filled with witty or whimsical English quotes. Fortunately, young local designers have also paved a similar road in Dhaka. From weird two worders such as “Murad Takla” to more serious sayings of writers and politicians, these young designers are showing the world how it’s done. Simultaneously, we have our own fusion of Bangla swag with Western outfits. Do we need anything more?


Punjabi With Poetic Beauty

Why should girls have all the fun? You could design customized punjabi with beautiful or powerful words. Inspiration can be Bidrohi poem by Kazi Nazrul Islam. A simple white punjabi with a few lines from the poem would look exquisite. The person seeing you can read your personality right away. You could also place lines from love poems by Tagore to please someone special.


Lockets Carrying Your First Letter

You can have your own customized jewelry by putting a little effort. We carry pendants of the first letter of our names in English alphabets. Why not Bangla? If you carry a locket with a Bangla letter, you will be taking a piece of Bangla wherever you go around the world.