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Getting Your Makeup Game Right

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18 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Getting Your Makeup Game Right

We all apply makeup. But only a few of us are ahead of the game. Until it’s up to applying eyeliner, most of you will get full marks. Others, like myself, probably end up with zigzag lines. But that’s okay. We can always smudge it and call it smokey eyes, right? What if you want the perfect cats eye shape? But eyeliner is just the beginning. The easiest is probably getting your lip makeup. Just put on a lipstick. If you do it with lip liner, it’s even simpler. However, things become more challenging when you want to apply matte. Then there is the new trick of contouring that most of us simply cannot figure out- both the experts and the novices. Take a look at these easy tricks and apply them in your makeup routine to become pro from zero:


Choose The Right Bronzer Shade

The correct shade of bronzer for your undertone is essential. When applying bronzer all over the face, you risk the dreaded face/chest disconnect, which in turn can make it appear like you're wearing the wrong shade of foundation.


How to get it right

•If you have yellow or olive undertones, look for bronzers with a golden undertone.

•If you have red, pink, or peach undertones, choose a bronzer with terra-cotta undertones. This will ensure you have a natural sun-kissed look instead of an obvious bronzer application.

•If you have dark shade, opt for browner ones. White foundation will make you look ashy.        


Use Brushes Correctly

When purchasing brushes, pay attention to both the size and fibers of the brush.


How to get it right

• While working on smaller areas of the face, such as the eyes, use small dense brushes for ultimate accuracy and less fallout.

• When applying foundation to your face and building coverage, try flat tapered brushes versus large fluffy ones.

• Use a tapping motion to build coverage, and a more sweeping motion to sheer down or blend foundation. A flat brush will help achieve accurate placement and coverage while not disturbing baby hairs.


Get The Covetous Impeccable Winged Look

Winged eyeliner is a reoccurring trend that won't be going away anytime soon. You are probably applying this in your Ekushey style that calls for simple and clean aesthetics. This technique can be hard to get right - if you're pulling or tugging at your eyelid while applying, you may be getting a reverse check mark hanging off the end of your eye (not a desirable result). You should be applying your winged liner in three simple steps instead of one solid sweep. First, your position in the mirror is everything - get as close as you can to it and throw your head back to see where you are working (instead of tugging on your eye and creating crinkled skin).


How to get it right

• Start in the center of your eyelid to establish width; this ensures your liner never gets too thick for your eye shape.

• Create the wing by starting on the outside of your eye and tracing inside to the center point. That way, the wing won't take over your whole face.

• Finish by connecting your liner from the inner corner to the center point. Trace one more pass of liner across the entire lid to smooth and connect all lines.


Applying Liquid Lipliner

Many people struggle while lining or filling in the entire lip with a liquid lipstick. But you can get symmetrical lips every time.


How to get it right

• Think of north, south, east, west. Start in the center of your lips, and define both the bow of your upper lip (north) and the center of the bottom lip (south).

• Get each corner on both the top and bottom lips (east and west). Slightly open your mouth so that you can have accuracy when applying to the corners, and pull upward to the center point where you started on the lips.

• Fill in the entire lips for the perfect pout.