When protectors are predators

12 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Where will people seek protection from when the situation is like that? Given the rising trend of involvement in crime of many members of the law enforcement agencies, such a question cannot be set aside as illogical. There is almost no crime ranging from drug dealing, extortion, abduction for ransom and even rape in which certain segments of police personnel and other lawmen are not involved. We did not forget that some cops were found involved in arms dealing while they were staying right at the police head quarter in the city. And involvement of some members of certain law enforcement organisations in the gruesome seven-murder in Naryanganj is very fresh in everyone’s memory.

That two assistant sub-inspectors of police have been arrested on charge of kidnapping three youths and demanding a huge amount of ransom, nabbing of two police officers allegedly for their involvement in drug trafficking, arrest of seven detective police red-handed with a ransom of Tk 17 lakh or withdrawal of two police officers on charge of gang-raping a women in Manikganj are examples of increasing involvement of lawmen in crimes. But these are just the tip of the iceberg; most of the crimes committed by law enforcers remain unreported as people refrain from lodging formal complaints for fear of harassment. People in society are subjected to two-pronged assaults from police and non-police criminals.

Involvement of police personnel and many other crime busters in crimes is nothing new. But their involvement in crimes is recently rising at an alarming rate. It is due to crimes of a section of the lawmen that people have lost confidence in the agencies entrusted with the task of protecting people from criminals.

It is really very dangerous for a society that a segment of law enforcement agencies is behaving recklessly using their official identity. A completely anarchic situation is very likely to engulf the entire society if such a trend of criminal activities by lawmen is allowed to continue unchecked. Drastic measures should be taken immediately to contain the crime trend before it goes out of control.