Mega projects to see fund cuts in revised ADP

Hasibul Aman

6 February, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Some slow-moving priority schemes are likely to see cuts in fund allocation while some faster-moving projects will fetch more money in the revised ADP for the current fiscal.

Implementing agencies of those schemes styled as fast-track projects have already sent their proposals to the Planning Commission regarding allocation cut or hike, Commission sources said.

The government had launched the fast-track projects with a total estimated cost of Tk 277,887 crore, a large portion of which is expected to come as foreign loans.

In the ongoing 2018-19 fiscal year, the government allocated Tk 29,449 crore against these projects.

Some faced delay because of problems linked to land acquisition, technical, tender delay, not getting foreign money timely and lack of coordination, the Commission officials said.

These schemes include Padma Bridge, Padma rail link, metro rail, Dohazari to Gundam rail line projects. On the other hand, the fast-moving projects include Rooppur nuclear power plant, Payra seaport project and Matabari coal-fired power plant project.

Padma Bridge project: the much coveted 6.15km Padma Bridge project to connect Dhaka with 21 south and south-western districts got an allocation of Tk 4,395.66 crore this year. The project is going to see a cut by Tk 1,739.66 crore to Tk 2,656 crore in the RADP.

The implementing agencies argued that the progress could not gather expected pace because of piling problem.

Padma rail link project: the China-funded mega project designed to establish a rail link through the under-construction Padma Bridge faced a long delay in the beginning as the Chinese authorities took a long time to approve the loan meant for it.

At the very outset of this fiscal year, the government set a target of spending Tk 5,530 crore against this project. But official data showed that only Tk 37 crore could be spent in the first five months. Tk 3,290 crore is being allocated in revised ADP for this project. Metro rail project: Tk 1,414 crore is going to be cut from metro rail project’s Tk 3,903 crore original allocation in the current fiscal year.

Dohazari to Gundam rail line project: Tk 1,450 crore was allocated against this project, but the project’s progress was very slow. So the allocation has been proposed to be cut by Tk 528 crore to Tk 921 crore.

Rooppur Nuclear power plant: A whopping Tk 11,099 crore was allocated against the much-talked-about nuke power plant in Pabna. The implementing agency has sought another Tk 318crore for this fiscal, citing faster-implementing pace. 

Matarbari coal-fired power plant: In the original ADP allocation, Matarbari power project fetched Tk 2,171 crore, which now has been proposed to be raised by another Tk 1,145 crore

Payra Deep-sea Port: Construction of the first terminal of the deep seaport project was approved earlier at an estimated cost of Tk 3,981 crore, but no allocation was made against it in the original ADP. It is for the first time getting Tk 16 crore in the RADP. At the same time, Tk 500 crore allocation against the project for setting up the necessary infrastructure for operating the deep sea port will be doubled in the revised ADP.