Five Points To Take Into Account While Visiting DITF

Morshedul Alam Mohabat

18 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Five Points To Take Into Account While Visiting DITF

For the people who want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life ‘Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF)’ can be a good option. This year the fair has already kicked off and is yet to gain momentum. Many people are surely planning to visit the trade fair at least once. In this regard it is mentionable that often it is observed that we go to the trade fair with much enthusiasm but the fervor diminishes after half an hour of walking around the trade fair premises owing to several reasons. So, if you want to make your visit to the trade fair worthy and roam around the whole premises without much exhaustion, take the following points into consideration:


1. Carry a water bottle with you

One of the disgusting problems inside the trade fair premises is that you will not get enough sources of pure drinking water. And there is no guarantee whether the water bottles sold by the hawkers contain distilled water or something else! So, the best idea is to carry one or possibly two water bottles with you in your bag so that whenever you feel thirsty, you can take a sip of water. And don’t feel that you will not feel parched because it’s winter. The fact is that you will indeed feel tired and dehydrated as the whole trade fair area is quite large and you will have to walk a lot. So, be prepared with water! 


2. Don’t forget your nose mask

The biggest problem with the ambience at the trade fair is the dust. As lots of people throng the fair area and there is not adequate water sprinkler system, the air remains dusty. Such dusty air is very detrimental to your health and sneezing is the most obvious outcome. To be particular, people with dust allergies should be very careful while visiting trade fair. However everyone visiting the fair must use a nose mask; otherwise you are sure to fall ill because of the dust.     


3. Take the stroller if you are going with kids

If you have kids and are planning to take him/her to the fair, you must carry a stroller along with you. At first you may feel that you will walk with your baby over your shoulder. But let me put it straight – it’s almost impossible as the fair area is huge and after some time you will definitely feel tired. So, carry a stroller and put the baby in it to enjoy your shopping.    


4. Check before you eat

There was a time when complaints of victimization by the food stalls at the trade fair were rampant. However the situation has changed as it has been made mandatory to place price chart in the food court set up inside the trade fair premises. Still you should be cautious as often it is seen that prices of the food items are much higher than the usual price. So you should first check your wallet and be sure that the prices are reasonable and affordable. Otherwise if you find after your meal that the bill is so high, you might have to face unexpected situation.   


5. Plan beforehand for a satisfying shopping experience

This is a common situation that most of the time girls try to cover all the stalls. Consequently they end up visiting only a handful of stalls as they feel worn-out at one stage. With that their excitement of shopping also comes to an end. However if you want to reap the highest benefit from the trade fair, you must plan earlier. Instead of visiting all the stalls you should decide your priorities and act accordingly. If you follow a plan, you are likely to have a rewarding shopping experience.

Last but not least, have a blast at the trade fair. If you feel weary in the middle of your shopping, sit for a while and regain your energy. Then, start your hunt again!