Robbers on prowl posing as tenants, hawkers

Mahabub Alam

15 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Criminal gangs are active in the city and elsewhere in the country to rob cash and valuables in disguise of hawkers, tenants, social workers.

Police and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) officials said they came to know about the gangs and some of their methods of committing crimes after arresting a number of their gang members last week.

During interrogation, the criminals said earlier they used to commit robberies by directly storming into the houses and shops. But now they commit the same crimes but apply various tactics in guises of hawkers, tenants, social workers and so on.

House owners and tenants in posh apartments are the main targets of the criminal groups.  They have already committed dacoities and robberies in many houses and shops in the capital and elsewhere of the country.

Law enforcers have advised people to remain alert about strangers.

On January 10, a team of RAB-1 detained the ring leader Pradip Kumar,41, and five members— Dulal Hossain,30, Rasel,22, Jakir Hossain,26, Kokila Begum,24, and Hajera Begum,52,—an inter-district robber gang consisting of 12 members from various parts of Tongi in Gazipur.

Pradip is the owner of a jewellery shop at Altaf Plaza in Tongi Before they were arrested, they committed dacoities and robberies in different parts of Tongi and Uttara in the city.

Some of the gang members identified the houses for committing dacoities in the guise of hawkers during the daytime. The gangs later stormed into their targeted houses and committed dacoities.

On Saturday noon, three women entered a house at Koratitola in Sayedabad under Jatrabari in the city in the name of renting a flat.

At some point, the made unconscious the owners of the house, who are a couple, and looted gold ornaments and valuables.

The unconscious couple —- ATM Solaiman,70, and Nazma Begum,55, are now undergoing treatment at Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Jatrabari police said they were trying to trace the criminals.

Meanwhile, a team of the detective (north) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) arrested six members of a gang from Mirpur on Friday.

The arrestees are Goutam Rajbangshi, 32, Abdus Salam,24,  Subrato Kumar Gosh Shuvo, 27, Subrato Kumar Datta,28, Masud Rana,25, and Mohin, 20.

The gang has several other members. They intercept particularly single passenger and commuter at Kalyanpur, Technical, Gabtoli Bus Stand and other spots in Mirpur area.

They introduce themselves to their targeted persons as staff of charitable organisations and lure the victims by offering cash support for their housemaids and poor children in their neighbourhood. 

When anyone agreed to receive the so-called cash support, they are taken aside and robbed.

An assistant inspector general of Police Headquarters told the daily sun on Saturday that they are vigilant to check such crimes.

The police official said the number of robberies, however, decreased in 2018 compared to the previous year. A total of 336 dacoities and 657 robberies were committed in 2017, which came down to 248 dacoities and 527 robberies in 2018, he informed.

Police alone cannot prevent dacoities and robberies until and unless the people are aware of these issues. 

“I suggest all to be aware of any hawker, new tenant and stranger,” he said.