Bed-planting wheat farming on the rise | 2019-01-09

Bed-planting wheat farming on the rise

9 January, 2019 12:00 AM printer

RAJSHAHI: Bed-planting wheat farming acreage has started boosting in this region, including its vast Barind tract, for the last couple of years as a result of much interest of farmers in the method, reports BSS.

In the current season, the wheat farmers are expecting a better yield like the previous year through adopting the bed plantation system.

Not only in wheat farming, farmers are seen adopting the method in some other seasonal crops like mugbean, maize, potato and lentil.

Some of the farmers, scientists and researchers narrated the success story while talking to the agency here on Monday. They revealed that raised-bed planting of wheat is advantageous in areas where ground water level is receding and herbicide-resistant weeds are creating a problem.

They harvested five to seven mounds more yield from per bigha of land than the conventional system. The donation inspired them to purchase two machines.  By which, they brought around 450 bighas under wheat farming in the current season.