Syllabus-based system makes education ineffective | 2018-12-30 |

Syllabus-based system makes education ineffective

30 December, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Syllabus-based system makes education ineffective

Education comes through various ways or things. But the general notion is that a student will have recourse to a teacher who will teach as per his/her ability and suggest some books to understand well the matter taught. But it is believed that nature is the best teacher. If anyone wants to learn, he should resort to the nature. He has to do what nature requires him to do. For example, Socrates says that man naturally possesses in himself active reason and this active reason reveals to him the badness and the goodness of a thing. That means, using this active reason, man can fathom what is wrong and what is right, what is just and what is unjust, what should or shouldn’t be done. So, the nature of a man, whenever he wants to learn or know anything, demands him to read a book written on that matter. He will read a book and learn the lesson or topic as he needs.

But nowadays a man seeking knowledge but not certificate is hardly found. To obtain a certificate, a student has to pass in the exam. A lot of students are passing exams, to survive in the job fields, he has to obtain a certificate with a good result and to do this, he has to follow some suggestions to read some selected topics so that he can achieve his desired result. Consequently, the student aspiring for a good result never goes beyond his syllabus let alone any out-knowledge supplementary book. Although it is the nature of a man to acquire knowledge, it has now been replaced by certificate.

Parents are inclined to have their children achieve a gorgeous result but they never look whether their kids are achieving any knowledge except a recognised certificate from their classes. Actually, there is no way, because result is the first condition everywhere whether in getting admission into a university or getting a job. So, you have to show your talent through your results, not through your expression or your invention or your skill, all of this will be taken into consideration after you have presented a certificate containing a gorgeous result.

But what does our sense reveal to us?

We should have examined the knowledge, the skill and the expression first. We are going against our nature, aren’t we?

Certificate holders are increasing but the number of educated and competent person is decreasing. There are a lot of certificate holders but very few are qualified. Samuel Taylor Coleridge in his “Rime of Ancient Mariner” states:

“Water, water, everywhere,

And all the boards did shrink;

Water, water, everywhere,

Nor any drop to drink.”

That means, there was a lot of water but not any drop of the water was drinkable. Similarly, I say:

“Certificate, certificate, everywhere,

And all time we are being certified;

Certificate, certificate, everywhere,

Nor any copy to be qualified.”

This time will come, if we don’t change our passion of achieving certificate.

Syllabus confined studies should be eliminated and knowledge acquiring studies should be rejuvenated in our country. If it is applied, then there will be found a Socrates or a Newton or an Einstein or a Nazrul, but for the systematic education lacking in knowledge, we don’t get such kind of meritorious or extraordinary persons who can create a new age and revolution in the world.


Shapon Hossain, student at Department of Law, University of Dhaka