LPG safety awareness can prevent accidents | 2018-12-14

LPG safety awareness can prevent accidents

Staff Correspondent

14 December, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Awareness of users, manufacturers and marketeers of LP gas can help prevent LPG-related accidents in the country, top officials of the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources said, putting forward suggestions for ensuring safe use of LP gas.

“LPG cylinders do not explode due to LPG filling or pressure of gas, most of the accidents take place because of  lack of knowledge about the safe use of LPG, carelessness and not using of LPG in a right way,” Energy secretary Abu Hena Mohammad Rahmatul Munim said at a press conference at the Secretariat on Thursday.

Urging the people to stay alert, he advised the users to maintain a safe distance between the stove and LPG cylinder, switch off the stove and regulator of LPG cylinder after using it and not to expose LPG cylinders to heat for increasing gas pressure.

The energy secretary also called upon people to remain aware of gas leakage and not to ignite a fire if they suspect a gas leak. He also advised people to keep LPG cylinders in a vertical position and use sufficient ventilation in their kitchens.   

“Knowing about the right way of using LPG can help prevent accidents,” the secretary said.

He said steps have been taken to popularise LPG in the country to reduce the pressure on piped gas. The volume of LPG usage has now jumped to 1000,000 tonnes, he noted.

He also said the country’s demand for LP gas is 3000,000 tonnes while 17 companies are supplying LPG gas at the consumer level. A total of 60 companies have been given licenses to sell LPG in the market, Rahmatul Munim informed.