Give the benefits teachers deserve

5 November, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Teachers deserve higher employment benefits with the increase in their service age, but it is a big question as to where the source of complications some teachers are entwined with is. It has been learnt that 2,648 teachers of public secondary schools in the country are not getting the financial benefits tied to their higher status for a long time. Obviously, the teachers are facing quite an unusual situation. 

It is even unusual that these teachers have been moving from door to door of the authorities concerned, including the Ministry of Education and Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) for a few years, but to no avail. Though their names are there on the list – published on the DSHE website – of teachers deserving of the timescale and selection grade benefits, the teachers still do not get them!

High officials of the relevant authorities have admitted that despite getting class-II status, the assistant teachers of government secondary schools are still being deprived of the financial benefits. What is their fault? Maybe this is an example of bureaucratic tangle.

Teachers are respected persons in society and they deserve fair treatment. They deliver a very crucial service to the nation in course of their service which cannot be measured in the scale of monetary benefits. They meet their living expenses with the money they receive as salary and other benefits. Obviously, without the money they are entitled to, they are passing through hardship in the face of spiralling prices of essential commodities.

There is no doubt that depriving teachers of their benefits forces them to move from one door to another to secure those. This is a harsh example of mistreatment of the noble teaching profession. Thus, it is most desirable that all the complications are removed in the shortest possible time to ensure the employment benefits the teachers deserve.