Pro-poll tide surging stronger

4 November, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Morning always does not show the day though customary beliefs say otherwise. It is obvious the Thursday parley between the ruling Awami League and the Jatio Oikya Front led by Dr. Kamal Hossain did not produce tangible results to the satisfaction of all stakeholders but it does in no way mean that all subsequent dialogues will prove infertile. Despite the apparent disappointment of the first ever political dialogue immediately before the upcoming election to the 11th parliament, one of its positive aspects is that it opened the door for more dialogues as means to resolving disputes over certain issues pertaining to the polls. The result is very much before our eyes: Jukta Front’s Friday dialogue with the ruling party produced positive results.

It is gathered from a front page story of this daily yesterday that AL and JF reached a consensus on some vital issues related to holding of the next parliament elections. The JF leaders are noticeably satisfied with the outcomes of the negotiation. The ruling party is reported to have accepted some of their demands.

Displaying the level of satisfaction, the Bikalpadhara secretary general declared unequivocally that they are going to take part in the next polls under the government. This dialogue between AL and JF was clearly a win-win one for both the parties: The ruling party seems to have won a moral victory as JF under the leadership of AQM Badrudozza Chowdhury is willing to contest the election under the AL government. And we have reasons to believe that the next dialogues, especially the one with Ershad’s Jatiya Party is going to produce positive results and that JP is also going to take part in the election – be that either as a partner of the ruling coalition or separately.

Before the first dialogue on Friday, the country’s election politics seemed to be in a deadlock. But with the result of the second parley, the wind has started blowing favourably; and it can be assumed that with more dialogues this trend will gain further momentum, making a participatory election possible.

Some political forces still appear undecided on the question of taking part in the elections but it would be wise for them to see that the high tide is already in favour of election. An imprudent decision on anyone’s part to resist or boycott the polls will be suicidal.