Secrets To Glowing, Smooth Skin | 2018-09-17

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Secrets To Glowing, Smooth Skin

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17 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

To Glowing, Smooth Skin

Getting beautiful, glowing skin is a dream of almost every woman but unfortunately only few lucky ones have it. The others have to try with various kinds of ingredients from the kitchen, creams from beauty stores and what not to keep up with the glow. However, as we age, the dream to possess beautiful skin eventually turn into a myth with wrinkles, blemishes and acnes finding their way to us. It’s not about what you do but how you do it. You can also have gorgeous skin. All you need is some time, commitment and the right ingredients.

Exfoliate Wisely

Sure, you've heard that exfoliating your skin is important, but to achieve glowing skin, it is a must. Try exfoliators that contain alpha hydroxy acids, such as glycolic acid. At-home peel is also another effective path to smoother, more even-toned skin and generally contain up to 30 percent glycolic acid. However, a dermatologist can use up to 70 percent concentrations for more dramatic results.

Apply Topical Nutrition

Two great antioxidant boosters are green tea and grape seed extract. These powerful bio-flavonoids play a unique role in protecting vitamin C from oxidation, thereby allowing your skin to reap more benefits from it. They also play an additional role in helping skin look younger and brighter as they defend against elements such as sun, stress and pollution that can damage collagen and accelerate the visible signs of aging.

Use Radiance-Boosting Makeup

Try the celebrities' secret to glowing skin to get that "lit from within" look: apply an illuminating cream under your makeup. Bronzers are also excellent for creating a healthy glow. Choose an illuminating shade rather than a matte one and apply it everywhere the sun hits your face, including your forehead, nose and cheeks.

Get Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin C

Vitamins for skin are so important, particularly vitamin C, which is the key to achieving a bright, even complexion. The brightening qualities of this well-known vitamin make it the perfect companion for anyone struggling with age spots. While this is no excuse to ditch the sunscreen, it is a great way to give your skin a fighting chance against the damaging rays of the sun. Look for products that combine vitamin C with gentle exfoliants and natural skin brighteners like bearberry, licorice, mulberry and brightening peptides.
Finally, you may like to use a fairness cream as a good beauty product of a good brand can help remove those dark spots from your face. Eventually your skin will look clean and beautiful.