When Pharmacy meets Programming… A whole new journey begins!

9 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

When Pharmacy meets Programming…
A whole new journey begins!

We clearly remember the thrilling moment of black console browser appeared.” It was the very first sentence of our application for Daffodil International University (DIU), which is one of the famous universities in IT field from Bangladesh. I couldn’t forget the day we were finally approved as ICT volunteers, who aim to reduce the information gap between nations through IT education and spread Korean culture to the world. From that day, three of my team members and I did our best to make preparation for meeting friends in DIU. However, an unexpected event happened to us - our target students have changed from software students to pharmacy students! Despite the totally embarrassing situation, we could plan education curriculum thanks to the help of the Head of Dept. of Pharmacy and International Affairs in DIU. It was a huge challenge for us to teach computer programming to the beginner. With a little bit of fear and excitement, we put ourselves on the plane to Dhaka.

We decided to teach HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) which is an easy and intuitive programming language that enables to feel the joy and attraction of computer programming to the beginner. Our final education goal was to complete an individual homepage using HTML and CSS. Though it was quite a tough object to accomplish within one month, we settled ourselves to trust the potential of each student. First day, first encounter with friends at Daffodil International University which made my heart flutters with expectation. They welcomed us with hospitality and that warm treat strengthened our resolution. Starting from that day, we conducted our sessions separated into two groups for senior students in Dept. of Pharmacy, three times in a week consisted of HTML session and Korean culture class to each group.

Most of the students didn’t know the first thing about programming. However, their passion for learning was much more tremendous than we had expected. They showed us infinite attention in computer programming which was a whole new, unfamiliar field to them. Their voluntary attitude impressed me and my team members during IT education. We taught the definition and need for computer programming for upcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution. The main content of our program was to become proficient at using HTML practically in atom software. When they comprehended how the source code works and got the expected result browser, the smile of rewarding spread out all over the classroom. The moment of joy and thrill that only comes from programming!

During the summer program, we studied not only programming but also proud history of each, Korean and Bangladeshi culture. My team introduced Korean spirit to overcome tragic history of division with strong will. Luckily, my friends loved to sing Arirang, which is the most famous Korean traditional folk song. While sharing our cultures, we learned how to respect each story of nation.

Most of all, during short, but intense one month, we truly understood what bandhu(friend in Bangla) is. After school, my team and classmates had local food, Kacchi Biriyani using hands instead of a spoon. Sometimes, we walked along beautiful Dhanmondi Lake all together, which was our favourite place. At those moments, the national border disappeared, and only friendship embraced all of us gently.

Finally, on the last day of our summer session, we granted certification in return for their passion by calling the names of each classmate. They presented self-coded home pages actively which were getting sophisticated and creative as the HTML session proceeded. It proved that they understood how HTML and CSS work clearly through practice. Thanks to their high level of understanding toward programming, my team members are convinced of limitless possibilities that each of students has. We dream of bright future of Bangladesh.

The possibility of an individual evolves through education and value of love. That is what we have realised through our one-month journey. We felt that without the relationship between people, true mind and love, the state-of-the-art technology or skill are all useless.

Well, it’s time to say, “Good Bye”. However, we all believe that ending is another beginning. We do hope that this precious one-month journey may remain everlasting inspiration and memory in Bandhu’s life which will be continued.


Soo Hyun OK, MiJin Kim, Chae WonYoo, & YoungJinHeo,From SookMyung Women’s University in Seoul, South Korea, Dispatched as KIV (Korea ICT Volunteesr) from NIA