Tragedy of Rohingya Muslims | 2018-09-09

Tragedy of Rohingya Muslims

9 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Tragedy of Rohingya Muslims

It is a fact, 100 of years back migrants of Chattogram crossed Naf River, became settlers in Arakan Kingdom, adjacent to the then Burma during British Regime which was a protectorate. These inhabitants of Arakan are known as Rohingyas.

Noble peace prize winner Dr Mohammad Younus in an article on Rohingya Problem, published on 30th September 2017 in a Bengali Daily ‘Sokaler Khabar’ which is now closed, describes: “In 1948 after getting Independence from British Administration in a gradual process, Arakan amalgamated with the then Burma which is now known as Myanmar. The govt. gave Rohingyas citizenship; even Rohingyas became elected members of the Parliament.”

When Burma Army took over power of state in 1980’s, it was renamed as Myanmar and Arakan was made a Rakkhain province, citizenship of Rohingyas was snatched and their representation in the parliament was abolished. Since then the Myanmar Army are engaged in invasion of Rohingya lands, killing, raping, uprooting and driving out of Rohingya Muslims from their homes. And the Govt. of Bangladesh, being a neighbouring country has to provide food and shelter to more than 10 lakh Rohingyas for humanitarian reasons.

The world community thundered at Aung San Suu Kyi, the State Advisor of Myanmar. The Nobel Peace Prize was conferred on her for displaying magnificence of democracy; but she took the side of beastly Myanmar Army and approved their nasty act of invasion against Rohingya Muslims.

It has become a moral obligation for Bangladesh Government to support Rohingyas and help them regain their rights in Myanmar. 


Md. Nasirullah Khan, Fakirapool, Dhaka.