Renew war on drugs

4 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

War on drugs lost much of its momentum since the recent anti-drug drive ended. Consequently dealers who had gone underground during the drive resurfaced with vigour. It is incredulous that it should be so. We should not have to undertake special missions for a drug-free society. We should always be actively against drugs at all times. Drugs compromise the morality of the young and the old, the dealers and the users alike. It is a disease in the society which must be cured totally and permanently. If we treat only the symptom and not the cause of the disease then it will continue to trouble the society and gather momentum from time to time.

Those who are engaged in the drug business should be declared as enemies of the State, for that is what they really are according to their activities. Drug dealers are actually working as agents of foreign countries who are out to compromise the sovereignty of Bangladesh by destroying the young generation. It is not a mere coincidence that the majority of the drugs coming into Bangladesh are from Myanmar, the country with whom we have a long standing refugee crisis which revived again last year.

The drug business rakes in billions that is why despite strong anti-drug drives, it is hard to stop due to huge bribery. Therefore, as soon as the anti-drug drive ended drug dealers resumed their business again. Drug lords found new ways of operations, as now they use women and children as carriers. Carrier children swallow plastic packets filled with drugs at border towns which are excreted in the capital. Drug dealers are highly innovative in their operations, therefore law enforcers and active citizens must also be more ingenious in dealing with them. Perhaps anti-drug drives alone cannot eliminate drugs totally from the society. A holistic approach must be undertaken, as only the small fries get caught in raids while big dealers remain free. Also, there were allegations of information leak during the anti-drug drive. We want our country to be totally and permanently free of drugs and narcotics which are silently finishing off our young generation.