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Eyebrow Contouring: The Latest Beauty Trend

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3 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Eyebrow Contouring: The Latest Beauty Trend

Meena, a middle-aged woman with a huge appetite for style, finds it a hard job to keep up with the global beauty industry. Only recently her daughter had made her download Instagram, something she cannot stop talking about in her Kitty parties. Instagram to her was like a makeup revolution. There are just so many makeup tutorials there! It was Instagram that introduced Meena to contouring. The typical white cake look which many women of her age still sports in Bangladesh has always appeared outré to her. Contouring was like a breath of fresh air. By the time she could finally get the hang of it, the beauty industry has a new child -contouring eyebrows! Yes, contouring eyebrows is apparently a thing now everywhere in the world with women going bonkers over it. The vogue seems only natural since having thicker eyebrows have become increasingly popular over the last few years. If you are one of those like Meena who had never heard of it before and are willing to learn, don’t fret. Groove is here to show you just that. Turn shapeless, flat-looking brows into defined, contoured brows, effortlessly. To have perfectly contoured brows, you’ll need a spooley brush, a synthetic angled brush and tinted brow gel. And the steps are as follows!

Step 1

Brush your eyebrows using a spooley brush. Starting from the middle of your brows start contouring the lower part. For this it’s advised to use a synthetic angled brush and a tinted brow gel. It’s vital to choose the correct color of the eyebrow fillers you are going to use, one that will look close to your natural brow shade. Otherwise the brows would look unnatural and unflattering. Keep in mind to never use black gels and black eye pencils for contouring the brows!


Step 2

Repeat the same steps on the upper part of your brows. If you don’t have naturally strong brows, draw the brow shape you like most and that flatters your face shape best of all. Now, fill in the contour you have drawn.


Step 3

With the product left on the brush start contouring and filling in the first part of your brows. In this way, you’ll create a nice ombre effect that looks much more natural.


Step 4

If you are pleased with the shape of your brows, use the tinted gel to fix the hair of the brows.

Always remember that the beginning part of your brow must be thicker than the tail. Besides, this part should slightly differ in colour, being lighter than the tail. You can fill in your brows using brow gel, wax, eye shadow or eye pencil.