Faulty flyover design causes accidents

ANM Mohibub Uz Zaman

3 August, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Faulty flyover design causes accidents

Vehicles face difficulties in taking turn at an exit point of Mirpur-Airport Road Flyover in the capital due to defective design. —sun Photo

Defective road design and bad planning for footpaths at entry and exit points of flyovers in the capital cause serious road accidents, claiming many lives.

The latest accident took place near the ramp of Mirpur-Airport flyover in Kurmitola area on Sunday, killing two college students.

An Uttara-bound bus of “Jabal-e-Noor Paribahan” ploughed through a group of students waiting roadside for vehicles to return home.

The bus from Mirpur hit the students while it was coming down from the flyover in a mad race.

During a visit to the accident scene, the daily sun correspondent found that the exit point of the flyover merged with the airport road after a turn.

There was no footpath or any empty space for commuters to stand and there was no way to pass the exit points of flyover.

The turn on the flyover creates troubles for a smooth traffic movement in the area and the merging points of the exit point to airport road is also risky as it merged with a sharp turn that also creates troubles for a skilled driver.

Insufficient and dangerous ramps were seen on the spot as the exit point mixed with the nearby boundary wall and there was no freeway for commuters.

Transport expert Dr SM Saleh Uddin Ahmed, a former executive director of Dhaka Transport Coordination Board (DTCB), told the daily sun that the exit and entry points of flyover are very important to protect motorists from dangerous roadside hazards.

Structure or bus stoppage should not keep 100 metre near the exit and entry points of a flyover, he said, adding that possible maneuvering for a smooth commuter’s way is necessary on the point.

Descending and ascending point of flyover should be very clear for the motorists that they can easily exit and entry to the point.

Not only the descending point of the flyover, but also descending and ascending points of flyover in the city are creating trouble to motorist for smooth drive and creating accidents.

One of the descending parts of Kuril flyover at Shewra points from 300 feet road from Bashundhara Residential Area was seen risky as the vehicle have to enter directly to the main airport road while coming down from the flyover.

There was no footpath or empty space for commuter on the descending point of the spot that forced passerby to come down on road.

One of the descending parts of Kuril flyover on Biswa Road.  Vehicles from the main road and flyover go to the front side (Bashundhara Residential Area) and Railway gate.

When the vehicles from the main road turn right to go to rail gate, they face difficulties as huge number of vehicles stuck on the descending points of the flyover.

Several vehicles were plunged into the adjacent lake as they have failed to control their speeding vehicles while coming down from flyover.

Not only the flyover other descending and ascending points of flyover are being witnessed faulty roadway design hazards.

On July 1, a former Jahangirnagar University student, Shariar Sourav, alias Sejan, 28, was killed due to a mad race between two buses while he was descending from the Banani-Mirpur flyover with his bike near Radisson Hotel.

On May 17, Senior Executive (Advertisement Section) of the English daily, Dhaka Tribune, Nazim Uddin, 32, was the victim of a mad-overtaking on Mayor Hanif Flyover at Jatrabari.