Tama’s ‘Chol Palai’ to hit cinemas today

Culture desk

8 December, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Tama’s ‘Chol Palai’ to hit  cinemas today

National Film Award winning popular actress Tama Mirza’s new film ‘Chol Palai’ to hit local cinemas today.

Directed by Debashish Biswas, son of legendary filmmaker Dilip Biswas, the film will be released today at 60 cinema halls across the country.
Tama has played as Sonia, one of the three main characters in the film.

Toma Mirza said about acting in the film, “I think ‘Cholo Palai’ would be one of the best films directed by Debashish Biswas. We all have worked together very sincerely, and I believe the viewers will enjoy the film. I am very optimistic about the film.”

She urged the viewers to watch ‘Cholo Palai’ at cinema halls.  

Besides Tama Mirza, Shariaz, Shipon Mitra, Sadek Bacchu, Rebeka Shimul Khan, Boroda Mithu, Shahin Khan,Chikon Ali, Jadu Azad, Shamim and others acting in the film.