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Endless Fashion, Infinite Fusion

4 December, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Endless Fashion, Infinite Fusion

Teens And Twenties : The transitional time from teenage to twenty is possibly the most stylish era in a person's life. Celebrate this era with some fascinating ideas of fashion to stay trendy and chic all the year around.

There is a reason why fashion is called timeless. 1t begins almost immediately after you are born. Ecstatic mother and aunts  love to dress up the
little baby in beautiful clothes, sometimes with that they had created by themselves. As  the child grows older, guardian's fashion ambitions grow larger. They begin wondering about  what her dress should be on her third birthday party or what should she be wearing to her class party at school. However, an individual journey  of  fashion  really initiates  when  the  child reaches her teenage years.


Teens and twenties are the most fashionably influential years of her life. This is the   age   she  begins  to   cognize  subtle   nuances. Textures, patterns, colours are all loud and vivid to her. By the twenties however, she is more matured.  1t is when  she  has  carved her  own  singularity in  style, learnt and developed her own tastes and crafted her own unique personality. Fashion around this time usually is more definite and less impulsive (but that doesn't  go  for  everybody!).  By this  time,  she  is a woman and she knows what she wants- whether it is fashion or anything else!

The time of teenage and twenties is also very trendy as these are the times when people hang out the most in  their  lives. One  of  the  worries  of  an  average university student other than her exams is what should she be wearing to class! The same goes for an office- going  woman  in  her  twenties.  Dresses need  to  be decent and trendy for the parties they go to, the pictures they take and for the impressions they make.



Teenage to late twenties are undoubtedly one of the most colorful eras of a person's life and this must be reflected in her fashion.




The twenties is not only about  being demure and elegant. Confidence and self-belief are also important.  Exhibit the confident  woman inside you  with  a  gorgeous  and  feminine  floral sari. Florals are no longer synonymous with the ditsy fabric of summer or spring fashion.





For the stylish teenage girls, nothing can be as comfortable  and  trendy  as  skirts. There is an ethnic beauty ingrained in them while a contemporary twist is also evident. Add the sunshine in your styling by opting  for a yellow kurti with a floral printed bronze skirt. This style has the right intensities of contrast and attitude that are perfect for a blooming fashion diva.




Lively,  colourful and  vivacious - everything is perfect about this style and if you happen to be a boho queen, you cannot  restrain yourself from falling in love with it. The gorgeous gypsy skirt with a similar printed mini vest paired with a scintillating red mini kurti is something you just have to add in your wardrobe.





As you gracefully step into your twenties, you may want to match the fashion temperament  to your mood. Opt for colours  that   are  light,  feminine  and   sophisticated.   A beautiful pink and white sari is ideal for this expression. The glittery embroidery in an otherwise simple style makes it even more appealing.





Model: Sabina Rima Photo: Monjurul Alam Styling: Syed Ruma
Wardrobe: Toru by Halum Craft
Story: Nusrat Jahan Pritom