Know the complete truth about your fairness cream

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17th September, 2015 05:54:21 printer

Know the complete truth about your fairness cream

India market is considered the biggest market for beauty products specially fairness solution. Among Indian society there is an absurd statement and phenomenon of beauty.


Thanks to our high list of endorsement start, both men & women need variety of fairness creams. In spite of existing multimillion dollar market of fairness products in country, the question of how impactful these products are? Keep dwindling in consumer's mind. Our skin colour is determined by our race and genetic lineage which in turn decides the amount and structure of melanin. Fairness creams can only work to a certain extent. As per dermatology studies, achieving fairness up to 20% is possible, but not more than that. The fairness creams only block sun rays and prevent secretion of melanin. Thus help in reducing tan and restoring natural skin.


Side Effects of Fairness Creams


Extreme use of fairness creams can rather lead to severe skin damage. Fairness creams contain harmful bleaching agent such as hydroquinone, mercury, lead, nickel, chromium and high levels of steroids that cause following problems:


-Thinning of skin


-Discoloration of face


-Capillaries become prominently visible


-Severe acne


-Hypersensitivity to sun


-Rebound paradoxical pigmentation


-Unwanted facial hair growth


-Skin allergy


-Skin cancer Thus these creams should always be used judiciously only under the supervision of a certified dermatologist.


Do's and Don't


What to do


-Apply moisturiser daily during day and before going to bed


-Wash your skin with clean water at least thrice a day


-Use sunscreen lotion to prevent tanning and harsh UV rays damaging skin


-Use fairness cream preferably aloe based. It works well for inflammation and tanned skin for Asian weather.


-Usage external barriers like umbrella and Shades while going out.


-Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day


-Have anti-oxidant rich fruits


-Increase the intake of Vitamin C. It increases cell turnover, helps protect against sun damage, and boosts the production of collagen and elastin, the two vital component of healthy and glowing skin.


-Exfoliation is one of the most important steps in maintaining your youthful glow. We recommend weekly exfoliation to brighten the skin tone. Regular use of an exfoliation removes the oldest dead skin cells that cling to the skin's outermost surface, or epidermis. It is an important part of both facials and body treatments


What not to do


-DO NOT support the common trend of fair skin and the stigma of being dark


-Avoid excessive bleaching in alternate weeks. Comprising of Ammonia and hydrochloric acid primarily these ingredients can cause both minor and severe burn.


-Avoid Products that Encourage Acne Breakouts


The truth is we don't need white skin to show our beauty, if you have healthy, beautiful, dark complexion, learn to love yourself. Your Healthy and shiny skin is everything to impress whosoever will notice you. Do not trust every advertisement blindly, stay happy & smiley.