Friday, 29 September, 2023

Wholesale price of eggs declines after import decision?

  • Sun Online Desk
  • 19th September, 2023 07:54:11 PM
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The ever-rising price of eggs in wholesale market started to recede in the aftermath of the import decision of the government.

To control egg price, the government allowed three organisations to import eggs from India. 

In Karwan Bazar of the capital, the price of 100 pieces of egg declined by Tk 20-30 on Tuesday compared to previous day.

However, retail market continued to be unaffected.

In the wholesale market, 100 pieces of egg were selling at Tk 1,125 to Tk 1,130 while it was Tk 1,145 to Tk 1,155 a day ago.

The government, on Thursday, fixed egg prices, but the traders are not following the rate.

Finding no way out, the government gave approval for import of eggs from India.  

Businessmen claimed that egg price may decrease further after entry of imported eggs into the local market.

Many people said the imported eggs will not create any impact on the market being inadequate.

However, Commerce Secretary Tapan Kanthi Ghosh said permission will be given to import more eggs, if needed. And decision will be taken after analysing the situation of supply, demand and price.