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Bangladesh showcases its art, culture in the "2nd Belt and Road National Art and Culture Expo 2023

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  • 26th May, 2023 03:30:11 PM
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Bangladesh showcases its art, culture in the

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The Consulate General of Bangladesh in Hong Kong showcases the rich, vibrant and diverse art and culture of Bangladesh in the "2nd Belt and Road National Art and Culture Expo 2023” scheduled from May 24-27 at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong.

The Expo which is also called as the “Art Hong Kong Expo/the 5th Hong Kong International Arts & Collectibles Expo” is being organised by the Paper Communication Exhibition Services and with the support of twenty countries including Bangladesh.

Besides Bangladesh, China, Iran, Kazakhstan, Panama, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Qatar, Senegal, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, etc. are participating in the Expo, said a press release of Bangladesh Consulate in Hong Kong. 

Ms. Israt Ara, Consul General of Bangladesh was invited to attend the ribbon cutting of the opening ceremony alongwith other guests on 24 May 2023. As a guest speaker, the Consul General highlighted the rich, vibrant and diverse heritage, art and culture of Bangladesh.

Referring to the four Intangible Cultural Heritages of Bangladesh which have been included in the UNESCO’s list, she stated that our deep rooted heritage is profoundly reflected in our architecture, literature, dance, drama, music, art & paintings, festivals and so on.

She also added that the cultural tradition of our country is a happy blending of many variants and unique in diversity.

A short video clip on Bangladesh’s archeological attractions, art, paintings, food, dance, music, festival, etc. was displayed which was appreciated by the audience.

It may be noted that this Expo is one of the largest cultural events organized in Hong Kong. More than 250 renowned art galleries/organizations of Hong Kong and some Consulates based in Hong Kong including Bangladesh installed booths in the Expo where traditional and modern art pieces, paintings of famous international and local artists were displayed.

Other than paintings of Bangladeshi artists, Bangladeshi traditional ‘Nakshi Kantha’, jute products, handicrafts were displayed in Bangladesh booth which attracted many visitors. Guests were provided with tea bags of Bangladesh as a token gift.

The expo is notably a good opportunity for artists, collectors, investors, galleries and all art and culture lovers from all over the world to gather together, sharing their views on art and culture and display calligraphy, painting, modern art, photography, jewelry, collectibles and antiques.