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Save Pakistan rally staged in Karachi

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  • 26th May, 2023 11:50:33 AM
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Save Pakistan rally staged in Karachi

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Karachi [Pakistan] (ANI): A Save Pakistan rally was staged in Karachi on Monday under the leadership of Saad Hussain Rizvi, the head of the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), Pakistan based The News International newspaper reported.

The News International is an English-language newspaper in Pakistan.

The march saw the participation of TLP Shura Council members Pir Syed Zahid Hussain Shah, Qazi Mahmood Awan, Allama Ghulam Ghaus Baghdadi, Mufti Aamir Ul Azhari, Dr Muhammad Shafiq Amini, Mufti Wazir Ahmad Rizvi, Allama Farooq-ul-Hassan Qadri, and Sajjada Nasheen Ans Hussain Rizvi, along with a large number of party workers and members of the local community.

Rizvi during a media interaction prior to the start of the rally outside the mausoleum of the Quaid-e-Azam, said they were launching a peaceful march for a prosperous Pakistan.

He emphasized his party's commitment to fulfilling the vision of the Quaid-e-Azam, ensuring that Pakistan becomes the country he had envisioned. He said they were determined to continue their struggle even if it took a hundred years, according to The News International.

Rizvi highlighted that the march stood for peace, and they would always strive for peace. The TLP chief expressed gratitude for the warm welcome given by the people of Karachi, acknowledging that Karachi was the economic lifeline of Pakistan. The demand for safeguarding the rights of the people would continue until the objectives of the "Save Pakistan March" were achieved, he said.

The participants held party and national flags in their hands, symbolizing their unity and determination. The march also aimed to end the tyranny and injustices faced by the people, eradicate "illegal" price hikes in petroleum products, and address the wounds of the underprivileged. The primary purpose of this march is to protect the rights of individuals from all walks of life in Pakistan, as per The News International. (ANI)