Tuesday, 3 October, 2023

Health experts’ emphasis on enhancing awareness to control diabetes

Health experts at an awareness campaign unequivocally called for enhancing awareness among the public in general to control diabetes as it's a silent epidemic and a threat to public health.

They viewed that everyone should be aware about diabetes. Diabetic patients are at the highest risk and the risk has to be tackled through proper health guidelines.

People are getting infected with this disease without knowing it. That is why there is no way but to be more aware of controlling diabetes.

They unanimously made the observation while addressing an awareness campaign to check diabetes at Lalon Open stage in the city today.

Lifestyle, Health Education and Promotion of the Health Education Bureau under the Directorate General of Health Services organized the awareness workshop supported by Adrita Visuals Limited.
Civil Surgeon of Rajshahi Dr Abu Sayeed Faruque, Senior Health Education Officers Muhammad Shamsuzzaman and Dr Zakir Hossain from the Adrita Visuals Limited addressed the workshop.

Dr Sayeed Faruque referred to the various programmes taken by the present government for the development of the helpless and backward people of the country and called upon all to work as per the expectations of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.