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Benefits of parboiled rice for diabetes, weight loss

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  • 14th May, 2023 03:19:16 PM
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Benefits of parboiled rice for diabetes, weight loss

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Brown rice is considered ideal for people with diabetes compared to white rice which is highly processed as studies show that unpolished brown rice can decrease glycaemic index by 23 per cent and fasting insulin response.

Dietician Manpreet Kalra in her recent Instagram post talked about the magical benefits of parboiled rice:

Benefits Of Parboiled Rice

Here are all the wonderful benefits of parboiled rice:

1. Parboiled rice is quite beneficial for your gut health as the starch in it acts as a prebiotic and improve the volume of good bacteria in your gut. This will make sure you will not face acidity or bloating issues after having it.

2. Parboiled rice can also be consumed by people with diabetes as it helps in improving insulin sensitivity being low in glycaemic index and manages blood sugar levels.

3. The rice can also help improve your bone and hair health considering it is a rich source of iron and calcium. Not only can you prevent weight gain by having parboiled rice but also reap these additional benefits.

4. Parboiled rice is a rich source of B Vitamins which helps in balancing your hormones. While brown rice remains the healthiest option for rice lovers, parboiled rice is also a good choice for people who do not like the nutty taste or chewy texture of brown rice.

Source: Hindustan Times