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How heart disease patients should take care while travelling

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  • 15th April, 2023 03:42:25 PM
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How heart disease patients should take care while travelling

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Summer vacations have begun but are you one of them who has recently been diagnosed with a heart condition or undergone any cardiac procedure? Then, you will have to take utmost care of your heart while travelling.

In an interview, Dr Sameer Pagad, Senior Consultant- Cardiologist at Global Hospitals in Parel of India, suggested some of the measures recommended for the heart patients:

  • Post angioplasty and any other heart procedure, it is imperative for them to take the medication on time as suggested by the doctor. If one is traveling then he/she should stock medications as sometimes the medicines may not be readily available at the place you are going to visit.
  • If one is planning any adventure sports or hiking or climbing mountains at a higher altitude then it is recommended to take an opinion of a cardiologist and get evaluated.
  • One should stay physically active and keep moving especially in long flights.. Try to do light exercises such as walking or spot yoga while traveling.
  •  It is necessary for heart patients to pay attention to their diet. Try to eat a diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables instead of oily food, canned and processed food.
  • Visit the doctor to get cardiac tests, ECG, echocardiography, and stress tests before traveling. So, travel only when you are declared fit to do so.
  • Get jabbed for Covid-19 if not get done.
  •  Do not neglect symptoms such as chest pain, breathing problems, or even undue tiredness, and immediately consult the local doctor if need be.
Source: Hindustan Times