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Pahela Baishakh Celebrations: Charukala prepares for Mangal Shobhajatra

  • Mohammed Raihan
  • 11th April, 2023 09:33:38 AM
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Pahela Baishakh Celebrations: Charukala prepares for Mangal Shobhajatra
Students of Dhaka University’s Faculty of Fine Art are taking preparations for bringing out Mangal Shobhajatra to celebrate Pahela Baishakh on April 14. The photo was taken on Monday. —sun Photo

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Preparations for Mangal Shobhajatra, a significant part of Pahela Baishakh celebrations, are going on at Dhaka University’s Faculty of Fine Art, also known as Charukala.

While visiting the Fine Art premises on Monday, the students of the faculty were seen busy creating artworks, crafts, masks and sora for Pahela Baishakh.

Besides this, workers were making structures with bamboo and wood. Students of the 24th batch of the faculty are leading the preparations with the participations of both current and former students of the faculty.

Mohammad Mithu, a worker, said they are making six motifs --- peacock, nilgai, tiger, elephant, tepa doll and child in mother’s arm.

“Our work is almost complete. The remaining work will be completed before 14 April,” he said.

However, the theme of this year’s Mangal Shobhajatra has been set as “Borisho Dhora-Majhe Shantir Bari”. The procession will begin at 9:00am on the day from Fine Arts Faculty and end on the same premises via Shahbagh intersection in the capital.

Meanwhile, Central Coordinating Committee to celebrate Bengali New Year – 1430 has issued some guidelines for Pahela Baishakh celebrations.

On the day, wearing of any type of face mask and carrying of bags is not allowed on the university campus. However, masks prepared by Faculty of Fine Art can be exhibited by hand.

The committee has requested all to refrain from playing and selling vuvuzela flutes on the university campus.

On the day, the campus will remain open till 5:00pm. No one will be allowed to enter the campus after 5:00pm.

All activities of Pahela Baishakh on the campus must be completed by 5:00pm.

Besides this, on the previous day of the event, no vehicles other than vehicles with university stickers will be allowed on campus after 7:00pm.