Monday, 29 May, 2023

Desh TV's Khulna div correspondent now faces two cases under DSA

Desh TV's Khulna div correspondent now faces two cases under DSA

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Two separate cases under the Digital Security Act (DSA) were filed against Khulna divisional correspondent of private channel Desh TV following a report on a beauty parlour aired on March 18.

The news implicating the Khulna journalist surfaced on Friday when a widespread criticism has been going on over the DSA case against Prothom Alo reporter Shamsuzzaman Shams.  

The two cases were lodged at the court of Khulna Cyber Tribunal Judge Kanika Biswas on March 21 and 28 respectively. The accused is Md Asim who works for the electronic media as the divisional correspondent.  

According to the first case statement, the journalist prepared a report styled ‘Unethical deeds in guise of beauty parlour’ aired on the channel on March 18.

On March 21, beautician Tania Islam, owner of the beauty parlour, filed the case at the court accusing four people including the journalist as the fourth accused.

The other accused are Mahfuzur Rahman, a resident of the Khulna’s Khalishpur, Dhaka First News Editor and Publisher Md Sarwar Hossain Khan and its Managing Editor Md Alam Khan.

Taking the case into cognisance, the court ordered the Police Bureau of Investigation to look into the matter.

Moreover, Sumaiya Kabir, an employee of the beauty parlour, filed a second case against the journalist at the same court on March 28 bringing the same allegation.

The court asked the Criminal Investigation Department to investigate the allegation.

Accused Asim alleged that one after another case has been filed against him after revealing the unethical deeds carried out at the parlour in the name of business.

Expressing concern over his life, the journalist said he came to know about it on Friday and is being subjected to conspiracy.