Tuesday, 30 May, 2023

Terrorists in Syria directly controlled from US — Bashar Assad

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  • 17th March, 2023 08:41:34 PM
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MOSCOW, March 16. /TASS/. Terrorists operating in Syria are mostly being directly controlled by Washington, Syrian President Bashar Assad said in his interview for Russian TV.

"They [the West] have never stopped doing it," Assad said, answering a question if the West may once again start inciting terrorists in order to restore hostilities in Syria. "All terrorists in Syria are being directly controlled through h the US, sometime even through Turkey even. But the head that controls it all is the US," he said.

"Turkey is NATO. It won’t go anywhere from the US’ influence. When will they stop doing it? It will never stop, because terror is one of the West’s armies."

According to Assad, destructive actions of the West can be stopped only by a "very large power that may repel" this terror.

"They used this terror against the USSR in Afghanistan before. They used this terror in Ukraine, they used it in Chechnya. The West supported all that. My opinion is that they will continue supporting terror for years," the Syrian leader concluded.

Source: TASS