Wednesday, 29 March, 2023

Windows 11 to get new enhanced audio mixer

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  • 5th March, 2023 03:12:29 PM
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Windows 11 to get new enhanced audio mixer

Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 Insider Preview Build to the Dev Channel in which the company will roll out a new enhanced volume mixer in Quick Settings, IANS reported.

The updated audio quick settings will allow users to make individual volume and audio output adjustments directly from the taskbar.

“We’ve also added a new keyboard shortcut (WIN + CTRL + V) to bring you directly to the volume mixer for faster control of the experience. With this change, you can now tailor your audio experience better with more control and fewer clicks to better manage your favourite apps,” Microsoft said in a blogpost.

Moreover, in the new build, the tech giant has renovated the in-app command help page in voice access to make it simpler to use and comprehend.

The search bar allows users to quickly find commands and the different categories provide further guidance. Every command now has a description and examples of its variations, making it easier to understand and use, the company said.

Users can access the command help page from Help > View all commands on the voice access bar or use the voice command “what can I say”.

In the latest Windows 11 build update, the company has expanded Voice Access to support other English dialects from various countries such as the UK, India, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

The company also re-introduced an update for the touch keyboard settings, some changes to File Explorer, graphics, and input.