Tuesday, 28 March, 2023

Tigers expect big from 'Master Planner' Hathurusingha

DHAKA- Even though his return as a Head coach of Bangladesh created a lot of negative buzz, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) expected huge from Chandika Hathurusigha.

Terming him a 'master of planning', BCB director Khaled Mahmud Sujon believes Hathurusingha's would take the team to a place through his proper planning, from which they can materialize their dream in the upcoming World Cup.

Since the World Cup which will be held in India, the BCB believes that they have a genuine chance. Under Hathurusingha's supervision, Bangladesh moved to quarterfinal  in 2015 World Cup and semifinal of 2017 Champions trophy. Bangladesh also played in the final of Asia for several times under the Sri Lankan's guidance.

The Tiger however could never make it in the knockout stage in the global event since Hathurusingha's departure as coach. The departure though was not sweet one and the relation between him and BCB got stained, the cricket apex board's desire to have a big achievement appeared to be key in appointing him for the second spell.

"The ODI World Cup is our main target and we want to achieve big there. We want to do what we have not been able to do so far. We want to do something extraordinary. Like I said, we want to be champions," Khaled Mahmud Sujon said here today.

"Practically speaking, we definitely want to go to the knock our stage. If we can go there, there will be chance for us. If you play well on certain days, there is chance. Under Hathurusingha's guidance we played in the knock out stage of some global events. We are now a very experienced team in ODIs. This is our most powerful format. We have been doing well in this format for a long time. The target is now to achieve big."

Mahmud however knows they won't get a slow and low bouncy wicket like Bangladesh in world cup event. So to have a good preparation, he again relies on Hathurusignha planning, saying that he believes the Sri Lankan born coach will find a way to cope with that problem.

"We all know, ICC tournaments mean good batting wickets. I also say that, we have to think about the long term process. Yes, winning the series is important for us. It builds confidence. But if we think long term, keeping the World Cup in mind, if we want to do something good, we have to keep the process right. In that case, the wicket will also be a factor," Mahmud said.

"But we can trust on Hathurusingha who thinks much bigger. As we all know, Hathuru is a good planner. I think to be honest, he is a master of planning. Because he can see much bigger, can see far. So I think the problems will actually be worked on."

 Hathurusingha will land in Bangladesh tonight (Monday) and is set to start work the national team tomorrow.

"It seems that Hathuru will start work from tomorrow. I'm very positive. I always think I mean I've worked with a lot of coaches, I've had experience working with him. As far as I know him, I am thinking very positively; That he may actually move us forward from where we are."

 "Hathu was not an experienced coach when he coached Bangladesh first time. But he made that team a driving force, we started winning matches, the culture of the dressing room was changed. Many changes came. Now Hathu will get a mature team, he himself is a very mature coach now, so we can hope that we will do better under him now. I believe that Bangladesh will have greater success."