Monday, 27 March, 2023

RMP seeks journo support for building crime-free society

RAJSHAHI: Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP) sought all-out cooperation from journalists to combat all sorts of   crimes, especially abuse of drugs and  its trafficking and trading.
Integrated efforts of police and media personnel could be the best way of building a crime-free society which is very important for supplementing the government efforts of taking the country forward.
The observations came at a view-sharing meeting with RMP high officials and journalists on the occasion of joining the newly appointed RMP Commissioner Anisur Rahman.  
RMP Commissioner Anisur Rahman addressed the meeting held at his office conference hall as focal person, while Additional Commissioners Faruk Hossain, Bijoy Basa and Samsun Naher and Deputy Commissioners Shaifuddin Shaheen and Al Mamun were present.
Commissioner Rahman urged the journalists to do constructive criticism so that they can get scopes of self-rectification that is very much crucial for boosting professionalism among police.

He said they are intended to infuse dynamism into the activities of the cyber crime unit, operation control and monitoring centre and digital forensic laboratory for combating all sorts of crimes.

Various issues like drug trafficking, social crimes, terrorism, extortion, bit and community policing, traffic-jam, juvenile crimes and police-journalists relationship were discussed elaborately devising ways and means on how to check the crimes effectively.
Crime-free society, particularly free from drug addiction, must be restored at any cost to protect people and the young generation from the consequences of deadly aggression.
To attain the cherished goal, the law enforcing agencies, media personnel and community people should have to come forward and work together as law enforcers alone incapable of overcoming the crisis.