Thursday, 9 February, 2023

31st Night: Concerts on roads, operation of bars prohibited

31st Night: Concerts on roads, operation of bars prohibited

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To prevent misuse of narcotics on the new year's eve, all bars across the country will remain closed and concerts on roads and flyovers be prohibited for 24 hours from 6 pm of the 31st night. 

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said this on Monday to the media after a meeting on law and order for Christmas Day and 31st night celebrations at the ministry.

This year Christmas Day will be celebrated in 5,682 churches across the country and security measures will be taken for all, said the minister.

“In large churches we have requested to provide volunteers from the Christian community along with our security forces. Special security and intelligence forces will be deployed in diplomatic zones as most diplomats are Christian. CCTV cameras will be installed and important churches will be swept as done during the VIP movement and dog squads will also be deployed,” added the minister.

He said a special anti-narcotic drive will also be conducted from December 28 to 31.

The minister urged people to not use fireworks, crackers and vuvuzela during the celebrations of 31st night creating panic among people.

When asked whether concerts can be arranged in the field he said it can be done on permission of metropolitan police but on condition of creating no traffic jam.

The minister said there is no threat regarding the celebration. "Militancy was rising but it had been identified beforehand," he said.

When asked about BNP promising justice for all enforced disappearance, murder, torture for last half decade in their outline of structural reforms of the state, he said they are taking a step in this regard too as it has become people’s demand now.

He said a list of disappeared people during the BNP regime from 2001 to 2006 is being made.

“Freedom fighters, Awami League leaders, activists were killed and fell victim of disappearance during that time. A report has been made in this regard. We also want everything to be investigated,” said Asaduzzaman Khan.