Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

Guangxi in the Eyes of the International Media tour held in China

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  • 21st November, 2022 05:49:49 PM
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Guangxi in the Eyes of the International Media tour held in China

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With the theme of “Forge Ahead on a New Journey and Breaking New Ground for the Splendid Guangxi in a New Era”, seven days “Guangxi in the Eyes of the International Media – 2022” tour was held in China with the participation of international visitors.

Between 15-21 November, the "Guangxi in the Eyes of the International Media Tour" was held in the cities of Baise and Qingzhou of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region which is well-known for its profound history, splendid culture, and enchanting scenery, according to a message received from China.

The purpose of the event is to vividly introduce the development history of the Communist Party of China in Guangxi, to become cultural messengers and friendship bridges that promote friendly exchanges between China's Guangxi Autonomous Region and other countries in the world, and to enhance people-to-people bonds and cooperation.

This trip was jointly sponsored by the Publicity Department of the Party Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and China's prestigious China News Agency Guangxi Branch.

Cui Zuojun, Executive Vice Minister of the Publicity Department of the Party Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; Zhang Mingxin, Editor-in-chief of China News Agency; Liu Xiaoguang, Chairman of Cambodia-China Journalists Association and President of ASEAN News Agency attended and delivered speeches at the launching ceremony of the "Guangxi in the Eyes of the International Media" event.

Zhang Mingxin, editor-in-chief of China News Agency, said launching ceremony that foreign media friends who participated in this event will introduce Guangxi's rich and colorful ethnic culture, beauty, and charm to people in their countries and around the world as witnesses and observers. Guangxi's natural scenery, vigorous economic vitality, and mutually beneficial open cooperation allow the world to perceive China through Guangxi as an important window.

Liu Zeqin, a reporter from the Golden Phoenix News in Myanmar said that it is the first time that he felt the enthusiasm of the ethnic minorities in Guangxi. The mountains and rivers in Guangxi are beautiful. He hopes that this event will bring to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with other countries, especially South Asian countries.

Li Fangzhi, a reporter from Japan-China Business Daily said that this is her first visit to Guangxi, and she feels that the local scenery is beautiful and the ethnic customs are rich. It allows her to learn more about China and many new experiences.

The seven-day tour helped the visiting group learn more about Guangxi's achievements in high-quality economic growth, rural revitalization, industrial development, poverty alleviation, and ecological protection. To carry out a 7-day traveling experience, members of the team visited the red memorial hall, modern production enterprises, ports and construction sites of major projects, coastal villages, agricultural industrial bases, and an intangible cultural heritage center.

A team of Overseas mainstream media journalists, experts and scholars, and international students from 17 countries and regions including Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Japan, Thailand, Pakistan, and Myanmar joined the trip.