Thursday, 8 December, 2022

Trump on tour as US midterm elections draw near

Former US president Donald Trump announced four rallies Wednesday as he seeks to support Republican candidates in the upcoming midterm elections, which could see his party seize control of Congress.

Trump, shrugging off an array of legal investigations against him, announced rallies in Ohio, Iowa, Florida and Pennsylvania in the coming days, as he throws himself into the vote which will see Americans renew all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, a third of the Senate, and a slew of state posts.

Held at the two-year point of a presidential term, the elections -- scheduled for November 8 -- are widely seen as a referendum on the current occupant of the White House, in this case Democrat Joe Biden.

This time they are also a test of sorts for Trump's future, as he weighs whether to attempt a presidential comeback in 2024.

The rallies are all being held in key states ahead of the vote.

For his part, Biden is alternating between meetings with the working class and meetings with wealthy supporters to fill his party's coffers, as he seeks to at least keep control of the Senate.