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Liz Truss: A quick guide to why the prime minister resigned

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  • 20th October, 2022 07:35:05 PM
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Liz Truss has resigned as the UK's prime minister after six weeks. Here's what you need to know about her if you don't regularly follow politics.

She was the shortest serving UK prime minister

Liz Truss replaced Boris Johnson as leader and became PM on 6 September then resigned 45 days later. The previous record was set at 119 days by George Canning who died in office in 1827.

She ran into problems very quickly

Her finance minster Kwasi Kwarteng unveiled £45bn of tax cuts in her third week, in what they called a "mini-budget". But it was widely blamed for causing huge economic problems. Almost all of it has now been reversed and Kwarteng was sacked as chancellor.

Some of her own MPs started openly criticising her

Dozens of Tories called on her to step down and her Home Secretary Suella Braverman resigned. She had to hire former rivals Grant Shapps and Jeremy Hunt to plug the gaps in her top team.

She said she couldn't deliver what she had promised

In her resignation speech outside Downing Street, she said: "I recognise that I cannot deliver the mandate on which I was elected by the Conservative Party."

She beat former Chancellor Rishi Sunak to be PM

Only Conservative party members got to vote to make her leader - and more than 80,000 voted for her instead of Sunak.

There will be a leadership contest within the next week. She will stay on as leader until her replacement is announced.

She was the last PM appointed by Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen appointed Liz Truss days before she died and her leadership began with a 10-day mourning period.

She used to work as an economist

After university she worked for Shell and Cable & Wireless, and married accountant Hugh O'Leary in 2000. They have two daughters. The family live in Thetford, Norfolk.