Friday, 9 December, 2022

US places Myanmar arms dealers on sanctions blacklist

US places Myanmar arms dealers on sanctions blacklist

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The US Treasury placed a group of Myanmar arms dealers and their company Dynasty International on its sanctions blacklist Thursday for their support of the "oppressive" military government.

The sanctions targeted Dynasty owners Aung Moe Myint and his brother Hlaing Moe Myint, and Dynasty director Myo Thitsar, for supplying of weapons, armaments, missiles, and aircraft to the regime, which has been condemned widely for violent repression of the political opposition.

"Following the February 1, 2021, coup that overthrew Burma's democratically elected civilian government, the military has committed numerous atrocities against people in Burma, including the violent repression of political dissent, the killing of over 2,300 innocent civilians, and displacement of more than 900,000 people," the Treasury said in a statement, using the former formal name for the country.

"Since the February 2021 coup, Aung Moe Myint has facilitated various arms deals and weapons purchases on behalf of Burma's military," the Treasury said.

In addition, the US Department of State placed former Myanmar police chief and deputy Home Affairs minister Than Hlaing on its sanctions list for his alleged involvement in the extrajudicial killing of protestors in February 2021.