Friday, 7 October, 2022

The Peerless Princess

  • Md Arshed Ali
  • 13th September, 2022 06:09:38 PM
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The Peerless Princess

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The balmy light of the moon on the yard

Courts the art of my heart on the sly,

And I fall an easy prey to her charm,

No poetic verse is more glorious than the silent sky,

The autumnal breath of Nature spreads

The fragrance  all over and gets mingled

With shining smile of the moon above,

Shedding pleasant waves in the dark,

Ever enclosed chamber that circumvents all

The banal institutions of delusive lessons

On earth- filled with cruelties and fury

Of libellous bustle and cry- leading to the way to sigh,

Now a divine coruscation sets me in the lap

Of soothing world within the psychedelic melody,

Produced by the peerless Princess who evokes

My faith and love, and not to fret and fry.

(The poet is Lecturer in English of Bheramara Govt Mahila College)