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Narod seeks financial assistance to save life

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  • 17th August, 2022 09:13:34 PM
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Narod Halder, son of a fisherman, could not continue his study after class five due to poverty. He had to catch fish in river with his father and grandfather. One day after being fed up with life, he came to Dhaka for a better living. Due to hard work and starvation day after day, the immunity system of his body became dysfunctional.

He was diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB). With the strength of his mind and the support of his friends, he came round at one time. But his breathing problems persist. He again started hard working for a better future. But, he has been diagnosed with post-tuberculosis b/l lung bronchitis. Around 50 percent of his lungs have been damaged.

The 38-year-old Narod is now living in Ratandia village of Rajbari district. He cannot live without oxygen support even for a moment now. Also, it has become difficult for him to speak.

As a result, Narod started contacting various hospitals in India with a dream of survival. Doctors at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai assured his recovery. The physicians advised him to undergo two major operations. But, the estimated cost of his treatment now stands around 26 lakh Indian rupees, which is approximately Tk 31 lakh (Bangladesh currency).

Finding no alternative, Narod sought financial support from the affluent people of the country to stand beside him.

Assistance can be sent to the following accounts:

Narod Halder, Sonali Bank, Kalukhali Branch, Rajbari, Account Number-2213701012382.

Dutch-Bangla Bank, Kalukhali Branch, Rajbari, Account Number- 7017317749632.

Nagad, Bikash, Rocket Number- 01953137331 and 01985648614.