Tuesday, 27 September, 2022

People in Tangail being destitute as Jamuna devours homesteads, arable lands

  • Tangail Correspondent
  • 10th August, 2022 04:35:16 PM
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Homesteads in Bhuapur of Tangail are being lost in the Jamuna river due to an increase in water level and erosion.

Torrential rain coupled with mountain stream has led to erosion washing away around 50 homesteads in Chituliapara of Gobindasi union within a few days.

In past couple of years, several thousand families at Khanurbari, Beparipara, Kostapara, Valkutia and Chitulia in eastern part of the Jamuna have become destitute losing their houses and arable lands. 

In the first phase of flood this year, some homesteads were eliminated and people of the area tried to protect themselves by dumping plastic sacks.

After receding of water, locals requested district office of Bangladesh Water Development Board to protect the homesteads from erosion by putting sand-filled geo bags.

The absence of visible steps of the water development board has resulted in erosion and demolition of houses again, locals alleged.

Abdul Kader, an affected resident, said “One of my houses was lost in erosion during flood this year. Three days ago, erosion washed away remaining two houses. I am in a fix to relocate my family. Had water development board dumped geo bags, hundreds of families like us would not have been protected from erosion.”

Shahjahan Mia of Chituliapara said he had to see demolition of his houses as a silent spectator.

“We had nothing to do to protect the houses. All household articles were washed away. The queue of demolished houses is being longer. If authorities concerned do not take immediate steps, the whole village will be in the grip of river.”

Md Sirazul Islam, superintendent engineer of water development board, said “We are moved by Chitualia area falling prey to erosion. It has been decided to dump geo bags. Besides, we have talked to the higher authorities to construct permanent embankment.”