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Love ‘Batman’ than you definitely going to love Christian Bale’s Movie of the month Coming to Bongo This Friday

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  • 13th July, 2022 07:11:37 PM
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Love ‘Batman’ than you definitely going to love Christian Bale’s Movie of the month Coming to Bongo This Friday

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Watch Hollywood Blockbusters in Bangla at Bongo

Why are audiences crazy about Hollywood movies? Hollywood films are more entertaining with amazing happy end plots, awesome VFX and trendy styles, and gigantic production budgets. Just think about the first romance titles you watched. Where do you get inspiration to propose to your dear one with flower bouquets, chocolates or even propose to her on your knees? Hollywood movies are not only entertaining but educational too. Hollywood movies touch our hearts with superb actions, drama, dialogues, and epic comedy scenes. It can make you laugh & cry at the same time. If you are a true Hollywood fan, then stay calm & relax.

Bongo, the nation's largest and leading Bangla streaming platform, brings Hollywood bonanza full of exciting films including romance, comedy, drama, thriller, horror, & action only for you.

The Batman Begins star Christian Bale acted in a super cop thriller named 'Harsh Times’ aka Bangla dubbed 'Bondhu Amar' which is comingthis Friday July 15,2022 in your favorite streaming platform Bongo. Here,  Jim (Christian Bale) plays the role of a Gulf War veteran and he believes it is his sworn duty to protect Americans by policing the streets of Los Angeles. His dreams are shattered when he is rejected by the Los Angeles Police Department. But, he is soon offered a position in the Department of Homeland Security leading him to recruit his unemployed best friend Mike (Freddy Rodriquez). How they fight against a lurking crime that's the story.

Bongo already released the comedy drama film "The Good Girl"  aka Bangla dubbed “Nishidhdho Prem'' with top celebrity Jennifer Aniston. Here, Anniston portrays the role of a depressed woman who lives with her husband in a small local town in Texas. Out of boredom she starts an affair. Will she come back to her senses and ethics or continue her corrupt path?

If you love American romantic comedies, then the film "I Could Never Be Your Woman"   aka Bangla dubbed “Oshomo Prem,” could be the best choice, starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd. The story revolves around an insecure TV producer cum writer cum scriptwriter & mother of a teen who is always anxious about her age. When She falls for her cast, who is a lot younger than her & with time becomes more famous, how their love life faces turbulence is the story. You can enjoy this Hollywood movie on Bongo in Bangla now . So, watch it.

Most of us have never made it to New York or abroad - but don't we all dream about it?

The sweet romance "Almost Friends" is the story of a young woman with big dreams. She is about to move to New York when she meets a young man who madly falls in love with her. But she has a boyfriend which complicates things. Will they be lovers, or friends, or almost friends? Visit Bongo and watch the movie to find out if their love story has a bitter or happy ending.

Bongo's Head of Licensing and Distribution, Karoline Hoeppner, said, "Bongo is pleased to publish Hollywood titles for our entertainment seeking audience. Our audience will now have the chance to see numerous Hollywood movies across genres as per their choice. Thrilled to be expanding our content library with these international titles, Bongo aims to cater the most diverse content portfolio to the country.  Our Hollywood blockbusters have not only a high production budget but have been critically acclaimed by the international audience already. Furthermore, we will be able to cater to the country's diverse demographics and give high-quality material to our audiences thanks to these Hollywood blockbusters. Thus we cannot wait to release them in Bangla and see how the titles are perceived by our country's audience"

If you want the best content from Bangladesh and from around the world, download the Bongo app from Google Play Store or iOS Store; visit