Friday, 12 August, 2022

Romantic comedy-drama "Beauty Tailors" coming to Bongo in this Eid

Romantic comedy-drama

We are born and raised in a society of small and big families. These ordinary and extraordinary families form all the renowned villages and neighborhoods where many of us may have grown up or heard stories about from our elders. From the outside, they may not seem remarkable. However, these are our everyday stories. There is the pain of longing, the pain of not being able to express the grievances, trauma and the way love changes its shape and form. And this is precisely what happens in the characters' lives in the Bongo original "Beauty Tailors'' series.

The heroine of this story is Beauty. Every morning begins in her life with a call for a new battle. Her conjugal life did not work. That doesn't mean she can let go of her mother and sister too! So at a young age, she shouldered all her family responsibilities, running a ladies' tailor under her name in the same neighborhood. She has Taleb and Toyab as helping hands in cutting and sewing, respectively. They also have love interests, who go by Kulsum and Aklima. Then there is Bappi, a notorious ex-hoodlum who is deeply into Beauty. Instead of tormenting the folks, he only cares about how to impress Beauty.

Want to know more? Then get ready to watch the new 20-episode romantic comedy series, "Beauty Tailors" of Bengal, the biggest streaming platform in Bongo. Famous director Atiq Zaman directed the drama series, and Khaled Sajib wrote the story. The cast features Sadia Jahan Prabha, Mostafizur Nur Imran, Hasan Masud, Farzana Photo, Alo Haque, Alangkar Chowdhury, Jiban Roy, Taufiqul Hasan Nihal, and many others.

About  'Beauty Tailors', Mushfiqur Rahman Manzu, Chief Content Officer of Bongo, said, "It simply came to our notice that people miss the charm of the simple lives they enjoy in the local area or countryside. In this drama, we've tried to bring out that charm. Aside from the screenplay, the selection of the cast was also made, keeping Entertainment as our biggest priority. I believe that this coming Eid will not only be able to give joy to all classes of viewers but will also take them back to their golden memories."

For viewers, Bongo plans to bring more drama series and original content this year, including many more of the finest South Indian and Hollywood films, monthly. So stay in touch with Bongo to grab this opportunity of enjoying some of the finest content out there.

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